Delfina masterfully combines colour, shape, pattern and texture. Each work is both visually and tactilely appealing. Her fine sense of balance, proportion, and eye-pleasing design is clear evidence of her background as a professional product designer. Bold geometric designs are the signature trait that runs through all her work.

Delfina takes commissions to craft unique products based on the existing environments of their owners. She creates pieces that enliven the ambience of any location, residential or commercial.
Delfina's background ranges from doctoral studies in industrial design, through academia and a career in high-tech, followed by research in new materials and art techniques. Delfina has her studio and workshop in Kanata, a neighbourhood of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Please contact Delfina for an appointment or for a visit to her studio.

On an appointment, Delfina will discuss your needs. She will evaluate the whole ambience of the target environment, and even simulate the pieces with a full size mock-up so you can visualize the impact of the project.